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CEO, Founder of VJUN Studios


Vishnu Vijayan was born in Malappuram, Kerala and grew up in Chennai with a passion and love for writing and visual arts. Reading comic books and writing short stories from an early age.


After watching Avatar in 2009, he became very inquisitive about filmmaking and visual effects. Despite studying engineering, his love for narrative and photography led him to pursue filmmaking. During his college days, he made several short films. He created the production and post-production company VJUN Studios.


Vishnu began working first as a technician on online platforms, then furthered his experience by taking on various freelancing jobs, including assistant director, cinematographer, editor, and VFX artist

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In 2016, he worked as an editor and co-cinematographer on “Suspects The Encounter” short film.

In 2017, he edited the acclaimed horror short film "X". In addition to editing, Vishnu created visual effects and sound design, for which he received international recognition from AVID.

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In 2021, he shot and edited "Love O'Clock" series. Currently, Vishnu made his debut as an Associate Director and Film Editor on the Tamil film "Athomugam".

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