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A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee (2023)

16min 30sec   |   Language: Tamil

Officially selected in following film festivals:

WINNER - JURY AWARD – 'Balumahendra Awards 2018'


WINNER - BEST SCREENPLAY – 'Tea Kadai Cinema Awards 2018'

A Damn Fine Cup of Coffee (Tamil: 'Naa Appo Coffee Kudichukitu Irunthaen’), written and directed by Sunil Dev, is a story of sadness and bitterness towards one’s individual life and how he finds the present world is wrecked and ruined. As the main character tells us near the end:

'The world has changed as just as how money and selfishness became a part of life. And despite living in this wrecked life, I thought to sit in a corner and drink a cup of coffee would be a great idea!’.

A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee — Short Film
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